What to serve alongside our world famous Gourmet Wheel

What to serve alongside our world famous Gourmet Wheel

You've made the choice to acquire our globally renowned and top-selling gourmet selection wheel. Whether this marks your inaugural experience or you're a repeat connoisseur, here are the optimal pairings to extract the utmost enjoyment!

You’ve made the choice to acquire our world famous, best-selling gourmet selection wheel. Whether this marks your inaugural experience or you're a repeat connoisseur here are some perfect pairing to extract the most out of the cheese tasting experience!

1) Jams, Chutneys & Preserves

We offer an array of preserves under the Nantwich Cheese brand. Our range encompasses delights ranging from a delectable caramelized red onion chutney to an invigorating Caribbean chutney that delivers the ideal touch of heat. Alternatively, you might have your own preferred preserves!

2) Crackers & Biscuits

In addition to our preserves, we have our very own branded water biscuits and oatcakes. Our range includes;

  • Classic water biscuits
  • Butter water biscuits
  • Sesame water biscuits
  • Chillie water biscuits
  • Traditional oatcakes
  • Salt & pepper oatcakes

3) Wine, wine and more wine! …Or maybe a little port

As a nation, the UK loves a tipple! So why not use the excuse “it pairs perfectly with the cheese!”. With a diverse selection of wines available and so many different guides on pairings, feel free to select your personal favourites for a truly enhanced experience of delight. Although I must say I do love a good Merlot.

4) Fruits & Nuts

Arguably the most well known fruit to go alongside cheese is grapes, be that the physical fruit or our beloved form mentioned earlier, WINE! There are a range of fruits which pair nicely with cheese, maybe you want to make it like a traditional ploughmans and add some fresh apples. Crisp and slightly tart apples provide a refreshing contrast to the creamy and savoury nature of cheeses, especially cheddars. Quince is a less heard of fruit but it makes a really tasty preserve and it just so happens we have a version available through our online store. Pairing nuts with cheese can create a delightful contrast of textures and flavours. There are so many varieties to choose from, be that walnuts, pistachios or cashews.

5) Charcuterie

Why not add some cured meats to your cheeseboard and turn it into a charcuterie board! When pairing olives with cheese, consider the saltiness of the olives and how it interacts with the cheese. You can also incorporate herbs, olive oil, or other accompaniments to further enhance the pairing experience.

6) Other Nibbles

It’s your cheeseboard and ultimately you can add whatever you’d like to it! Some other suggestions are pickled vegetables like pickled onions, or maybe your favourite brand of crisps!


Leave a comment and let us know what you like pairing with your gourmet cheese wheel!