The Uk’s Best Selling Cheese Selection Wheel

You may have heard about our Gourmet cheese selection wheel, we thought we should provide a bit more of a background to our flagship product and show you what makes it so great! Firstly we’ll start with a little bit about us, we’re located just on the border of Shropshire and Cheshire which is known as the cheese heartland of the UK. Cheese is all we know, and we wanted to share our products with the wonderful people of the UK, so what better way to do it than creating a selection wheel with 8 perfect flavours that showcase what we’re all about.

Nantwich Cheese Company Gourmet Selection Wheel

So what are these 8 perfect flavours that make up our legendary Gourmet selection wheel?

Double Gloucester, Chives and Onion

We’ll start with our staffs favourite! The finest chives and onions blended with a creamy Double Gloucester, an absolute winning trio if you ask us!!

Cheddar Herbs and Garlic

Cheese that’s absolutely packed with flavour, blended with tasty herbs and garlic. It’s an exploration for the taste buds!

Smokey Cheddar

Our finest mature cheddar (only the best!) infused with a smokey aroma for that beautiful toasty flavour. Just sensational!

Ale & Mustard Cheddar

A perfect mix of wholegrain mustard and an amber medium bodied ale, blend this with our cheddar and it’s just marvellous!

Vintage Mature Cheddar

Our vintage range is distinguished by texture and twice graded to guarantee its intense flavour. You could say it’s a real treat for the cheese connoisseur.

Cheddar & Cracked Black Pepper

Our premium mature cheddar infused with the only the finest cracked black pepper. Simple but oh so delicious!

Hot Mexican Red Leicester

For those who want that little kick to the tastebuds! We use a very secret recipe of herbs, peppers and spices blended with gorgeous red Leicester cheese. Caution – This one’s a tad spicy!

Cheddar with sundried tomato and basil

Rich sun dried tomatoes are mixed with aromatic basil before being blended with our specially selected mature cheddar. Delicious!


If you’re quick you can snap one up and try one for yourself as they’re currently on offer with 30% off at £11.90 for a limited time! Why not pair it with our own chutneys and selection of crackers & biscuits, treat yourself! Click the below link to go straight there :)