How to finish the perfect dinner party

Let’s face it, you’re either great at throwing a dinner party, completely organised, plan down to the last detail and cook like a Michelin star chef or you practically wing it.

Whichever you are, with everything going on, making sure the meal doesn’t burn, keeping everyone’s glass filled up and having one eye on your Spotify so it doesn’t accidentally drift into the best of Eurovision like last time, it’s good to know that the cheeseboard is taken care of, that staple after dinner platter that your guests look forward to (more than you realise).

When the time comes, you utter those words to your friends and family, “cheese anyone?”, met with a cheerful “oooh yes please!” in response, so you reach for a block of Cheddar, a wedge of Stilton, a pack of dry crackers and some butter, and you think to yourself “that’s enough isn’t it?” So your guests take a slice each but they don’t say much, there’s no deviation from the conversation, no commentary, it’s just an expectation that’s been met. Like receiving your order from a fast-food outlet. It’s good, but it’s the same every time, nothing to get overly excited about, and the night continues, your cheeseboard very quickly a distant memory. 

Isn’t it time we break this tradition of the stale offering of same-old cheeses? Shouldn’t we put as much effort into after dinner as we do the main meal? For several years, artisan cheesemakers across the UK have been vying for our attention, coming up with more and more exciting and eccentric creations. Cheddar with Ale & Mustard? Red Leicester with Spicy Chorizo? Double Gloucester with Cayenne Pepper? There’s a whole world of incredible cheese flavours out there for you and your guests to enjoy, so whether you’re a self-confessed Nigella or the person that comes last on Come Dine With Me, don’t skimp on the cheeseboard at your next dinner party. We promise your guests with thank you for it.