crackerdash cheese cheddar board game family fun
Crackerdash Board Game--Crackerdash™
Crackerdash Board Game--Crackerdash™
crackerdash board game cheese cheeseboard family fun

Crackerdash Board Game


Crackerdash™ - the cheese lover's board game. A world combining cheese and game playing!

Start with 6 biscuits on your plate and visit all 6 Nantwich Cheese cheeses on the board to win, but avoid the cats they're nothing but trouble! Have the perfect night in with 5 friends with Crackerdash and Nantwich Cheese.

Please note: the stand alone game does not include cheese. Visit our Crackerdash Bundle Builder here to add cheese to your game and get up to 10% off and a free box of biscuits!

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